10 common myths about dogs, debunked!

Myth: Dogs age seven years for every human year. Debunked: Age conversion is not linear; it varies by breed and size.

Myth: Dogs are colorblind. Debunked: Dogs see some colors, primarily in shades of blue and yellow.

Myth: A wagging tail always means a happy dog.  Debunked: Tail wagging can signal various emotions, not just happiness.

Myth: Dogs can't digest grains. Debunked: Many dogs can digest grains well, but food allergies vary.

Myth: One human year equals seven dog years in terms of aging.  Debunked: The age conversion is more complex and breed-dependent.

Myth: Dogs understand complex sentences.  Debunked: They understand basic commands, not intricate language.

Myth: Dog mouths are cleaner than human mouths.  Debunked: Dogs have different oral bacteria, but their mouths aren't necessarily cleaner.

Myth: Old dogs can't learn new tricks.  Debunked: Dogs of any age can learn new behaviors with proper training and patience.