10 Cheap Home Features



If every space is cluttered, your clever and trendy home decor doesn't matter. Clutter impedes space flow and makes design choices appear less deliberate.


Bad Lighting

Lighting may change the look and feel of a room. Bright, white lighting can make a room feel washed out and highlight any poor design choices.


Excess DIY Furniture

The Family Handyman loves DIY furniture, but too much is too much. For instance, a handmade end table can spark conversation and complement other furnishings.


Overly Trendy Decor

After a few months, trendy decorating can look tacky. Classical aesthetics may prevent Pinterest-inspired interior changes every other month.


Gallery Walls

Gallery walls fill blank walls in your home. Create your gallery wall with a specific vision in mind. Avoid filling empty walls with mass-produced art.


Crowded Entryway

Your home's doorway makes the initial impression. A cluttered entryway is stifling and uncomfortable. Use these doorway design ideas to create a welcoming space.


Lack of a Distinct Personality

We're not suggesting you decorate each room in the same style. That could make a house look cheap and staged. You don't want room-to-room incoherence. 


Chevron Patterns

It's time to shed the pattern, which is good in tiny doses but can become oppressive and distracting. Simplicity is best.


Popcorn Ceilings

If you can, remove popcorn ceilings from your home. The rough, lumpy texture is hard to clean, hard to fix, and just looks horrible.


Phrase Art

"Live, laugh, love" is a good life motto. But don't plaster the term on 14 surfaces in your home. Tacky "phrase" art

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