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10 Alternatives to Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner

Roast Chicken: A whole roasted chicken can be a smaller and more manageable alternative to turkey. It's flavorful and still provides that classic roast meat experience.

 Ham: A glazed ham, whether baked or smoked, is a sweet and savory choice that's always a hit at holiday gatherings.

Beef Roast: Consider serving a succulent beef roast, such as prime rib or tenderloin, for a rich and hearty main course.

Pork Roast: A pork roast, like a pork loin or pork shoulder, can be seasoned and roasted to perfection, offering a different taste from turkey.

Duck: Roast duck is a luxurious and flavorful option with crispy skin and tender meat. It's perfect for a smaller gathering.

Salmon: A whole roasted or grilled salmon can be a lighter and healthier choice for those who prefer fish over meat.

 Stuffed Squash: Acorn or butternut squash stuffed with a mixture of grains, vegetables, and herbs can be a delicious vegetarian centerpiece.

Lamb: A roasted leg of lamb with herbs and garlic is an elegant and flavorful alternative for a special Thanksgiving meal.